Chinese Massage techniques

For arthritis, Tui-Na is a very effective treatment to improve quality of life, cats, dogs and rabbits can all benefit from Tui-Na massage as they age.

acuvetpet equine tui-na

Sore muscles in agility dogs, Tui-Na improves range of motion and speeds up recovery.

acuvetpet agility dog running

I completed my Masters’s Science thesis study of Tui-Na massage for arthritis in dogs with Chi University Florida


Presented at Coalesce Research Group webinar Traditional & Alternative Medicine May 2021.

Published American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine August 2021. 

Click link for detailed study and full Journal pdf.


Treatment for small animals is tolerated very well, as they all enjoy a massage! Some small animals, such as cats and rabbits prefer massage to needles as the are more likely to move during treatment.

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